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Visthus Rorbucamping
8870 Visthus
Tlf (+47) 75 03 77 11
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Welcome to Visthus Rorbucamping
In the southern part of Northern Norway lies the beautiful Vistenfjorden - Norway's cleanest fjord. In the outmost part of the 22 kilometre long fjord, you will find Visthus Rorbucamping. The location makes it an excellent holiday choice for people who appreciate sea, fishing and boat life. Visthus Rorbucamping is built up around an old store. The main building is standing on poles on the beach - as close to the water as you can get. We have our own quay structures located directly by the main building, with a number of boats ready for use.

In the fjord itself and in the open sea, you will find every fish species common along the Norwegian coast. Coalfish, cod, haddock and pollack are the most widely known. Fishing herring is great fun, even for the more experienced anglers. Late summer is the season for the mackerel. This is a wild one, as you will see for yourself if you catch one with your fishing rod. To pull a catfish out of the sea is an even more exciting experience for most people.

The haddock, one of the delicacies, can be hard to find if you don't know your way around in the area, but you could be lucky enough to come across one by accident. If you are deep-sea fishing, you can also catch tusk and ling.

If you are lucky, it is also possible to be among those fortunate enough to catch a halibut. This is really an experience for life!

You also have the possibility to fish salmon and trout in the area. The watercourse Visten with Lakselva (salmon river) flows into the sea in the innermost part of the Vistnes fjord. Here you can purchase a fishing licence and try your fishing luck while enjoying the beautiful landscape and walking terrain in one of Norway's natural reserves.

There is more to boat life than just fishing. In this beautiful area, you are bound to experience how overwhelming nature can be. The sea, the majestic mountains and the unspoiled nature will leave you with memorable impressions.

After a long day at sea, there is probably nothing nicer than going ashore in a sheltered creek to barbecue your catch while just relaxing. On a warm summer's day, you can even be tempted into going for a swim.

Mountain hiking is a nice change from boats and sea life- with or without your fishing rod.

The Visten fjord and the areas surrounding it, is also an excellent holiday choice for those who enjoy diving. We have a compressor for refilling of air.

We at Visthus Rorbucamping have done our utmost to ensure that our guests will enjoy their stay in these beautiful surroundings. The site consists of well-equipped cabins and self-service apartments. We have a number of boats for rent, and the spacious quay facilities even make it possible for our guests to bring their own boats.

In connection with Visthus Rorbucamping we have our own store. It is a department store, where you can purchase everything from groceries, fishing equipment and souvenirs to petrol and diesel oil.
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